Breath Information and Techniques to Help You Resist COVID-19 and Other Infections

The video below by journalist, James Nestor, provides a good overview of the topic of breath. This is the Balance & Breath step of PS Based exercises. Nestor is the author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (May 2020). In this Video Podcast interview of James Nestor he provides important information on breath and COVID-19. See the video at 53:11 where he speaks about the virus. See at 1:12:20 on wearing masks (not harmful if you nose breathe) and 1:15:14 on longevity (breathing and flexibility help). For much more information on the importance of Breath exercises to the Super Fit Seniors PS Based program, see our Page on Balance Breath. It includes this information and more, plus information on Balance.

Breathing through the nose, as opposed to mouth breathing, has long been known to be important. Recent scientific research shows us why. As James Nestor explained in his video above, scientists have detected the production of very small gas molecules in the sinuses: nitric oxide (NO). Its presence helps explain the power of nose breathing.

Summarizes what Nitric Oxide does in the human body. Many important benefits.

NO has many amazing properties, including antibacterial and antiviral. NO produced in the sinuses travels throughout the body and blood stream. These small gas molecules provide strong antiviral cleansing and protection for the lungs. NO also helps control blood pressure regulation. It relaxes the blood vessels and, interestingly, also stimulates erections. Many different functions! According to Nestor NO only has a shelf-life (bio-availability) of two to six seconds. So better keep breathing through the nose.

The buzz on this humming research is well deserved. Check out these videos on the subject and, if you try it out, send us your thoughts in email or comments below. It is easy to try. The first video is by a cool MD in Hawaii we like, a surgeon, and the other is a detailed presentation by another well informed MD. There are more on our Page on Balance Breath.

We are trying out various breath techniques now related to COVID-19, including various humming methods and frequencies as discussed in these videos. We will have more analysis and recommendations soon. These videos are not endorsements and we have no association with the presenters. Do your own due diligence. If you try these out and want to share, we are interested. What happened? Any questions, observations? Again, send us an email or in the Comments below.

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