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In the words of the poet, Robert Browning: “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.

Slides Outline Seven Types of ‘PS Based’ Exercises for Healthy Life Extension

Super Fit Seniors recommends a cross-discipline approach to exercise involving seven types of exercise summarized by the acronym “PS Based.” Research indicates that this kind of cross-fit training is the best way to attain, then maintain, Super Fit Senior status. One expert we respect is Dr. Peter Attia, who is featured in the recommended YouTube videos at the bottom. He is working on fitness programs to help prepare himself and others to become a “Kick Ass 100 year old.”

As Dr. Attia puts it, the best way to prepare for the “sport” of becoming a “Kick Ass” one hundred year old is to pick and choose the best exercise combination from a variety of traditions. He says this is much like Bruce Lee did with martial arts. This is also the idea behind PS Based training and its seven types of exercises. We both conclude that a new type of multimodal exercise program is needed to meet the life goal of Kick Ass One Hundred. I love this idea of a Bruce Lee Multimodal. Dr. Attia, who is still a fairly young man and was, until recently, a world-class long distance swimmer (I mean really long), now only does two types of exercise. They are the big two that everybody agrees are important for all ages and conditions, Aerobics and Strength. Here is an excerpt from his interview by one of my favorite bloggers, Tom Bilyeu, on Attia’s idea to call longevity training a sport.

Our research and analysis now suggest that seven types of exercise are essential for senors to attain High Energy Longevity. They are, in acronym order: Posture, Stretching, Balance-Breath, Aerobics, Strength, Energy, Defense. The order and names are somewhat arbitrary to help make an easy acronym (to be explained later). If put in order of importance, there is no doubt Aerobics and Strength would come first. We are talking about general categories of exercise, where each can take many forms. For example, the last one, Self-Defense: the Bruce Lee type custom selection found here, which involves the skilled use of a cane, is, we believe, the best form of Defense for modern day seniors.

The Super Fit Seniors ongoing series of Pod Casts, Videos, Training and Events will explain and elaborate on each of these seven types. We will also cover Science, and things like the psychology of aging, as you can see from the blogs and videos. Another interesting area we will have to cover is the all important Blue Zone related research and topics. That is a whole other area of products and services, people and places, nature and fun.

The pyramid in the well-known Blue Zone graphic below shows the common traits of super-seniors. Many are trying to emulate the life style and world-views of these successful centenarians. The common goal is a longer healthy life. We are all trying to create our own unique blend of life activities right for us. This blog will report on many diverse traditions. Knowledge has no boundaries. The Bruce Lee method requires an open mind, an empty mind. Wisdom knows Nothing, what is beyond and compelling. Both gut and head guide our actions, both feel and data. This blog will save you time by doing the research and introductory analysis. The advanced work of analysis and application, you will, of course, have to do yourself! Share with us how it goes. I’m interested. I’m gathering data, meeting new people now and am fairly wide open. Ralph.Losey@gmail dot com.

I may someday make recommendations on the products and services, who to study, places to visit and communities you might want to join or move to. Busy with research now. So much to learn, to discover. Longevity is a new field with many interesting characters. Some great. Some not. We will investigate to try to provide you objective, reliable facts and analysis.

Common Traits of Longevity

My thanks go to Adventist Health for use of this graphic. They purchased the Blue Zone company and rights in 2020. This further strengthened their already strong position in the Longevity field. Adventist Super Fit Seniors are serious contenders in any Kick Ass 100 Sport, especially ones lucky enough to retire in their Loma Linda, California community. They run excellent hospitals in my area. Know them well.

The seven exercise types of PS Based are explained in the pages shown in the top menu. Posture and Stretch are in the first page, Balance and Breath in the second. Aerobics and Strength, everyone’s big two, are the third page selection. Energy is by itself in the fourth. Defense is the next and last page. It is followed in the Menu by the final Blog Videos page.

Many more blogs will created in the future as research and analysis continues. So, be sure to subscribe (see button on the right). We continue to add content to the Pages and Blogs every week or so. So, please check back here often and feel free to leave a public comment below or send me an email at Ralph.Losey@Gmail dot com. I especially appreciate typo or other error alerts.

Community is one of our goals, a home for would be, and actualized, Super Fit Seniors and everyone else. All are invited, all ages, even those like the young athletic Dr. Attia. Come play in the new sport of Kick Ass 100. Soon we may add exercise classes too. Over 65 and care to volunteer? Email Ralph or call and leave message. May we all live long and prosper together. Like the once famous Jack LaLanne, may we be lucky and healthy enough to exercise every day until our last like he did. He made it to age 98. See Jack’s last book: Live Young Forever: 12 Steps to Optimum Health, Fitness and Longevity (2009).

Prof. Becca Levy

We are all journeying to old age together. Like it or not, so like it. There is no good reason not to like it, and plenty of good reasons to have a positive attitude. A positive attitude, compared to typical negative beliefs, will, in itself help you live fifteen years longer. Studies at Yale by Professor Becca Levy, including experiments and statistical analysis, led to this surprising discovery. There are many other benefits of clearing your head of ageism prejudices found in the Yale research. See Becca Levy’s groundbreaking, new book summarizing her findings for the general reader, Breaking the Age Code (2022), and also the April 23, 2022, NYT article on her work, Exploring the Health Effects of Ageism.

Escape the prejudices against people over 50 that we see so often today. Educate and calmly correct any who may try to stereotype you with negative thinking about old age. Prejudice against elders is a sickness in most cultures today, moreover age discrimination is illegal in the U.S.

A Join with us in preparing for our final days as a happy, healthy time until the very end. Let’s all live young forever, with death delayed, if not cheated. Every second is special, savor it with gratitude.

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