The seventh type of PS Based exercises are Self-Defense oriented. Long life requires both the ability to avoid conflict, and, where necessary, to defend yourself, to fight. Research and analysis of this area leads to the surprising conclusion that the best self-defense weapon, one that can be taken anywhere, is the walking Cane. The top instructor of this type of self-defense is Cane master Joe Robaina in Miami, Florida. This is the best defense system for seniors, indeed it is good for all ages.

A walking cane as a weapon has strategic value for all ages. For anyone, especially seniors, it does not raise suspicion. It gives you the benefit of surprise if you are attacked. Moreover, it can legally be taken anywhere. That cannot be said of any other weapon. Even though most super fit students do not need a cane, they still train and carry one for self-defense.

Super Fit Seniors proudly endorses Joe Robaina as our preferred self-defense trainer. He is the pioneer and the top expert is use of a walking CANE as a weapon. In skilled hands a cane can be deadly. So can the ’empty hand’ skills of boxing when you do not have your cane. Joe teaches both. See our full one hour Video Podcast interview of Joe Robaina here.

I attended the in-person immersion training in February 2021 (luckily I was fully vaccinated by then). Joe taught Cane Boxing to a small group. We all made it through three and a half days of training and education and were certified by Joe Robaina in Cane Boxing. It was difficult training. The masks only made it harder. My claim to fame at the event was the timed dash test. Everyone had to run from a dead stop and cover thirty feet to make contact with someone. The timer with stop watch had me down at 2.8 seconds! Doubt I will ever beat that.

There are other areas of cane defense that are taught and certified at intensives. To online students these periodic in-person intensives are critical to learn these skills. Joe talks about the importance of immersions in my interview. Happily I still need years of practice for mastery and improvement in Cane Boxing and other areas of cane self-defense. Cane spinning and cane-boxing are like-long pursuits. I like to practice on these kind of Defense exercises every day. It has many side-health benefits, including the all important Anger Control, another topic I asked Joe about.

Ralph and Joe in Miami in February 2021

Check out the Book, 100 Deadly Skills, by Clint Emerson, that includes Joe Robaina as one of 16 top defense experts.

A cane can be a very dangerous weapon in skilled hands. That is one reason Joe Robaina was selected as one of the Sixteen Most Dangerous Men in America for inclusion in the book “100 Deadly Skills” by seal-team combat expert, Clint Emerson. Quite an honor. Joe has five different cane attacks in the book: 1. Cane as Brass Knuckles, 2. Windshield Wiper, 3. Nut Crack, 4. Gun Take, 5. Figure Eight. Highly recommend book for a fun read. Hear Joe speak about this book in my video interview below.