By energy here we are referring to your bio-energies, your life force, sometimes called your “Chi,” “Qi” or “Ki.” This vital energy is the basis of neurology, naturopathy, reiki and acupuncture. These life energies are the foundation for all high physical and mental performance, including martial arts. The Force is real and these energies can be felt, touched and applied. Your energy is a renewable resource that can be grown, refined, purified, harmonized, balanced and weaponized. The goal is a relaxed, spherical Awareness, responsive and protective to the energy of Nature and others.

We will present research and analysis of several experts in this area. Losey has been researching bio-energies and exercises for healing and super-fitness since the late sixties. We begin with our Self Defense expert, Joe Robaina, who can not only use energy aggressively for defense, but also receptively for healing. Quite a remarkable person.

Joe Robaina is one of many experts in the healing field who work primarily on energies and the nervous system. He does so using his own methods of massage and energy resets. What makes Joe really unique are his martial arts skills, that, and his natural talent since boyhood, his gifted hands. As an result of his innate talent and training in both science and traditional medicine, Joe can not only heal with his hands, but can also inflict pain, can destroy. Yin and Yang.

Yes, Joe Robaina can both heal and harm you with the same gifted hands. Joe’s energy work uses a healing touch after attaining a deep level of relaxation, a reset for energy balance. Joe treats patients with pain issues by using touch, to be sure, but he primarily treats athletes, performers and others seeking peak experience. Super fit seniors are a good example.

For further information on the power of hands, usually enhanced with breathing techniques, to transfer healing energies to patients, see Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon (Forward by Dr. Norman Shealy) and Gordon’s website, Gordon is still practicing and training others, but we have not completed due diligence by becoming a student and digging deeper into his work. For that reason we are not yet in a position to endorse Ricard Gordon, nor Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD., considered by many to be the founder of holistic medicine using energy awareness. Dr. Shealy is a neurosurgeon who includes quantum touch in his practice. See Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. Several experts in the field of energy based health are now under investigation. Also see information on Reiki founded in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki uses hands and energy transfer healing and has become popular worldwide. We are now investigating various practitioners in this area.

Joe Robaina is the only former quantum touch practitioner who is also a well-known self-defense expert. He is the only one we know that has demonstrated special expertise and abilities in both healing and damaging energy touch. I am referring to Jiu Jitsu type joint-locks and holds that induce sharp pain. These are touches that are more like claw-grips or pinches. They require significant hand strength to do properly, which Joe has. It looks like he is using StarTrek Spock-like claw grips on certain energy points, such as your wrist and other joints, to activate pain energies. To resist Joe’s hold induces pain, so he ends up in total physical control. You move as he forces you to, or suffer pain and injury.

That kind of dual knowledge makes Joe very unique. Other martial artists have the ability to control by painful grips, to even kill by their hands, but they cannot also heal and restore. Joe has mastery of both sides. He could cause you serious harm and then patch you up and restore your energy. Other martial artists make that claim, typically in eastern based martial arts, such as Chi Kung and Tai Chi, but we have not yet verified any. Still, it is not an uncommon claim; think of the film Karate Kid where the Karate master, Mr. Miyagi, heals the kid’s leg injury with his hands so he can get back into the big fight. The ability to both harm and heal seems embedded in many Eastern traditions. Remember this scene in The Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi heals The Karate Kid?

At the in-person intensive I attended no one was injured (much). We did not need this kind of energy healing. We were all careful as Joe taught our small group cane boxing and a few simple defensive joint locks, very pain inducing, and arm holds – Above The Elbow! (a constant refrain). In defense moves Joe uses energy manipulations and physical holds to control and deflate aggression. We can all learn to do this on at least a beginners level. I have not attempted to learn the healing energy techniques that Joe also knows. He limits instruction and intensives to the defense side.

In the videos below and elsewhere, Joe talks about the medical, restorative qualities of his energy work. Upon my questioning Joe explains that what he does with his hands is very similar to what acupuncture physicians do with needles. Joe does not need the needles. Moreover, he can do many things with his hand and fingers, his massage touch, that cannot be done by needles. (For example, iron out tight Faccia.) Of course, acupuncture has its own strengths and Robaina fully endorses acupuncture. They share many of the same energy theories and can easily work together.

One of Joe’s sayings is to Experience the Touch that Quiets. Reset by complete relaxation, letting go. The parasympathetic system bringing balance that leads to health. You are going to hear Joe talk a lot about that side of his work in these videos. Let me assure you that Joe’s same, very strong hands are expert and can easily break body parts and stimulate nerve pains. It is a great method to subdue and control until handcuffs or the police. Yin and Yang. Joe and other worthy teachers are masters of both sides of the Force. Unlike in Star Wars, in reality the dark, Yin side is not evil. It is reactive, receptive. It is an question of balance, dark and light.

Joe Robaina on Acupuncture and his basic energy concepts
Joe Robaina on Channeling Anger Energies

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