Music and Spirituality

Here Joe Robaina responds to Ralph’s questions on the place of Music and Religion to his martial arts instruction and his life. Joe has the inner music going, which you can see in his martial arts moves. He calls that the “dance.” This closing on music and religion to the one hour interview is very interesting. Note his reference to “choice” in the Religion answer. Spirituality is obviously very important. Super interesting when you consider that many people believe Joe Robaina to be one of the most dangerous people in world, especially when he has a cane in his hands. I have seen and worked with him in action. Its all true. He is a terrific self-defense expert as well as a healer.

By the way, although you can tell that Joe is a very religious person, he does not push his beliefs on anyone. He is Christian, but not preachy, and does not even identify his particular denomination. There is no belief system required to be his student or patient, although I am sure that Joe can sniff out unethical criminal types that may seek his knowledge for attack, not just defense. As with any teacher or service endorsed on Super Fit Seniors, all are welcome by Joe Robaina.

Legal ethical conduct is instilled and mentioned in most classes. As with all legitimate martial arts groups, the basic message of self-defense is the avoidance of conflict and violence. Only when that fails, and you must fight, you cannot get away, do you respond and fight back with violence. Even then, you should never use unnecessary force or excessive violence, especially a potential death blow such as a cane strike to the head. We are taught to use reasonable force, and what is required under varying circumstances, according to governing laws. We even practice making this decision (a gun in bad guys hands changes everything), so that when under duress, no thought is required. You react. The ethics becomes ingrained into the deadly force skill set. This is as it should be and is one reason I am happy to give Joe Robaina my full endorsement.

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