New PrimaSounds Album Released

New PrimaSounds Album

Ralph Losey’s new album, “Yoga Energy Meditations for Humming (130 Hz enhanced PrimaSounds)” was released on September 8, 2021. It contains ten songs of new, improved PrimaSounds music. All songs are enhanced with custom designed 130-128 hz tones.

This PrimaSounds meditation music is designed for humming to increase the nitric oxide (NO) amplification effect in sinuses as shown by recent scientific research.… and… The music is ideal for humming, toning and chanting to help you relax, energize, sleep and heal.

Ralph created this new Album after over two decades since his last albums because of the world health emergency with Covid and other challenges. The research has shown that humming at 130 hertz (hz) or thereabouts (128 hz) will cause a Fifteen Fold increase in the body’s natural sinus creation of Nitric Oxide, the wonder healing gas. Experts agree this can provide strong immune protection to your respiratory system.

The extreme 15X magnification effect from humming lasts for around three minutes. After that, although NO production continues in the sinuses, the incredible 15 times multiplication stops after three minutes. Still, after a short pause in humming the magnification by humming can resume.

This music makes it easy for you to Hum correctly and in-tune to 130 Hz. Listen and hum along. There is a full 38 minutes of music. Plenty of time to achieve a deep relaxed state. Even if you stop humming, if you just keep breathing through your nose, the healing NO gas generation will continue.

The small NO molecules created in your sinuses become part of the air you breathe and go into all parts of your body from your lungs. These little bubbles allow proper blood circulation. This only works if you breathe through your nose. Do not breathe through your mouth. You may, however, exhale slightly through your mouth. It is often natural to relax into loose jaws during these humming exercises. Humming can be combined with mantras and chants.

Nitric Oxide Properties

Apparently there are many applications now related to COVID that include Nitric Oxide as part of the treatment. Clearly we all want to increase our Nitric Oxide levels. There are supplements you can take and some expensive devices on the market (see, with more coming. This new album Yoga Energy Meditations is far more fun and much less expensive. So try it out. Listen and hum along to the low-tone 130 hertz.

This is not medical advice or a medical tool in any way. This is simply a musical tool to help people to hum along, and help them to tune into the low 130 hertz note. Get that tone rattling around in your head. This humming or toning is my favorite go to tool to stay healthy and energized. The PrimaSounds music does some of the work for you when you get tired and rest between humming or singing along.

Yoga Energy Meditations is now available on all distribution services. For instance, it is live on Apple Music and on Spotify. The 38 minutes of slow moving electronic sounds gives the listener plenty of time for deep immersion into the chanting. This work is especially effective if played on quality equipment. The dominant 130 hertz tone is low and the undertones can sound rattly on poor equipment. Many thanks to my terrific sound engineer who assisted throughout, Santiago Vrljicak. He made the music sound better than it ever has before.

I felt it was important to get this tool out to help people ASAP to “Hum Along With Pitch”, 128 – 130 Hz pitch to be exact. Smile. This is designed to be an enjoyable, powerful, body-mind relaxation. It should help you to stay strong, to create nature’s own laughing gas (not Nitrous Oxide, aka laughing gas), but the even better kind, Nitric Oxide. In this divisive time of Pandemic infections, tools like this should be made widely available to everyone.


  1. James Sotak says:

    can you buy the new remastered PRIMA SOUNDS on CD? Where ? I have the originals on CD. I have remastered on Amazon Music but would like the CD. Thanks

    1. Ralph Losey says:

      No sorry. But simple to find on any distributor where you can just download.

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